Current Projects

The Nature, Dynamics, and Consequences of International Policies against Organised Crime. 

This project investigates the cooperation between governments in the fight against organised international crime. The goal is to codify, empirically explore and identify the potential channels that foster the spread of such anti-crime agreements-encompassing Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances, Traffic in Persons, Obscene Publications, Corruption, Terrorism and Nuclear Weapons, inter alia.

I am currently focusing on a subset of the UN anti-crime conventions, namely the agreements regulating the production, manufacture, trade and consumption of natural and synthetic drugs (i.e. opium, eroine, cannabis, cocaine, lsd and pharmaceutical drugs), in a sample of 140 countries, 1919-2015.  

Productivity takes Leave? Examining the Causes and Impact of Maternity Leave Policies on Academic Careers 

Motherhood and professional advancements often conflict. Studies of female academics highlight gender disparities in senior ranks. One explanation for this inequality is unequal caregiving responsibilities borne by women, particularly early in their children’s lives. This project asks whether differential maternity leave provisions across 160 UK higher education institutions exacerbate differentials in the productivity, career paths and job satisfaction of female academics. Research on maternity benefits usually is confined to case studies of a few universities or is discipline specific. Systematic empirical research on how changes in maternity leave policies affect career outcomes in the sector is lacking. This project seeks to fill this gap by providing reliable empirical results that allow examining the degree to which more generous maternity leave benefits affect female academics with children. Analyses consider variation in outcomes that potentially result both from changes in UK law and the wide variation in maternity leave benefits across the sector. We also analyse why universities across the UK have implemented occupational maternity policies that vary largely with respect to their generosity.