Published articles:

Wait and see? Public opinion dynamics after terrorist attacks with Marco Giani and Ria Ivandic, accepted at the Journal of Politics.

European Integration and the race to the top in counterterrorist regulations  with Thomas Plümper Journal of European Public Policy 04: 1-13. 2017.

The Politics of Targeted and Untargeted Counterterrorist Regulations.  Terrorism and Political Violence 28:4 (2016): 713-734. 2016.

The ‘Peer Effect’ in Counterterrorist Policies with Eric Neumayer and Thomas PlümperInternational Organization,68:1-2. 2014.

Legislative Response to International Terrorism Journal of Peace Research, 48: 399-411. 2011.


Working Papers and Work in Progress:

Terrorism and counterterrorism

Populism and Terrorism

Drug legalization and prohibition

Felon re-enfranchisement, race and law enforcement. 

Determinants of Cannabis Legalisation in the USA

International, Multilateral and Bilateral Agreements against Organized Crime: A Dataset

Gender equality and maternity leave

The papers and projects below are related to my work as a post-doctorate fellow in the department of economics at Warwick University 

Bargaining over Maternity Pay: Evidence from UK Universities.– with Vera Troeger. Journal of Public Policy, 2019.

Motherhood in Academia: A Novel Dataset with an Application to Maternity Leave Uptake – with Vera Troeger, Riccardo Di Leo, Thomas Scotto.

The Motherhood Penalties: Insight from Women in UK Academia – with Vera Troeger, Riccardo Di Leo, Thomas Scotto.

Maternity Leaves and Women in Academia – with Vera Troeger, Riccardo Di Leo.